Travel in Singapore – Other ways of getting around Singapore without a car

How do I travel in Singapore without a car? Is it very difficult to use the public transport in Singapore?

Is Singapore’s public transport safe at all?

These might be some of the doubts you have, regarding the ways to get around Singapore.

If you do not intend to rent a car during you trip in Singapore, you have three other ways to travel in Singapore.

  1. Taxi
  2. Buses
  3. SMRT (In other terms, “Subway”)

Taking a taxi is the closest solution to driving a car. Taxis are quite a common thing in Singapore. You can see one almost every 10 minutes even in most suburban areas. For city area, it so easy, the taxis are practically queuing up, waiting for you.

As for its safety, I haven’t heard of any news concerning taxi drivers robbing clients so far but there are a few cases where the taxi drivers were robbed by clients instead.

The only downfall I would say is the price. The price is quite steep for example – a 10 minutes ride could cost you S$10 so make sure you have enough spare cash if you intend to take a taxi.

Travel in Singapore

Travel in Singapore

Taking a bus would be a cheaper solution. The average price of a bus ride costs only S$1.20 per person. The best thing about taking a bus is that, the bus lines are all linked up throughout the whole island. You can travel from one end to the other just by doing an interchange of buses.

But taking a bus in Singapore is not as easy as it seems, unless you have some experience. I would say you could try taking a bus but remember to buy yourself one of those bus guides available in seven eleven stores.

These bus guides are very helpful. For example, if you intend to go to our local zoo, flip through the bus guide for places of interest and it will tell you which bus, indicated with a number, reaches the destination you want.

But my recommendation for you to travel in Singapore would be using our subway system which in local terms, the SMRT.

The SMRT has a very well designed linking system that once you hop onto an SMRT; you can go to anywhere in Singapore. It is so easy to use; all you need to know is which direction is correct for your destination, that’s all!

If you really do not understand how the SMRT works, just ask this to the control officer – “Hi, I want to go to _ _ _, may I know how do I go there using the SMRT?” and the control officer will definitely help you. It is his duty!

So for the SMRT, it’s cheap, easy to use and fast too. An average ride cost about $1.20 and you can travel from one end of Singapore to the other within an hour. Isn’t it fast or what?

I’ve given you a short brief about Singapore’s public transport. Whichever ways of transport you want to use for your travel in Singapore, rest assured that you will never be lost in this city with such well-planned accessibility throughout the whole country.

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