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Are you one of those Singapore Tourist that is so sick of that Singapore City tour that brings you to the same old place again and again?

Singapore’s Zoo, Bird Park, beaches and theme parks… just like any other tourist attractions around the world; they are all the same. If you were once a Singapore tourist, I am pretty sure you would have already visited those places.

This time, let me share with you some places where you might not have been to before.

  1. Geylang Serai is Singapore’s infamous notorious red light district. Don’t get me wrong… I am not asking you to visit that part of Geylang. There are many other areas in Geylang that serves the best local food. The unique taste of chicken rice, spiciness of chilli crabs and crispiness of roti prata. Do not worry though… Your husband won’t be harassed at this part of Geylang… you can even see local families bring their children there for dinner.
  2. Chinatown is a place where you can find local delights and mostly, Singapore made souvenirs for you to bring home. You will have a laid back shopping experience with all the historical oriental buildings surrounding you. Try for one or two bucks if you are an amateur at bargaining… it always works.
  3. If you are into buying inexpensive yet fashionable clothing, Bugis street is the place to be. Best suited for teenagers but you can still try your luck if you are looking for something a little more mature. But ultimately, the highlight is still the price. You can buy a nice looking jeans for less than S$40 if you are lucky… that is how inexpensive it is.
  4. “There is no night life in Singapore City” is untrue with Clarke Quay. Almost a distance of 200 meters of night clubs and bars for you to choose from. For weekends, the party do not stop until 4am. The best thing is… you are partying beside the famous Singapore River, a scenery of Singapore City you would never forget.

I have showed you some local places that are worth going to during your trip as a Singapore tourist.

Geylang Serai for unique Singapore food – Chinatown for Singapore tourist souvenirs – Bugis Street for inexpensive clothing to satisfy your shopping crave – and Clarke Quay for a great riverside night life experience… and I have still more places to share!!!

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