For Expat in Singapore – Information that you will find useful

Hey you, future expat in Singapore,

Here are 5 things to do before you come to Singapore

I’ve had friends calling me up the day before their trip, telling me how excited they are to be an expat in Singapore and saying that they are all ready to make their way to Singapore.

When I asked them 5 questions, they decided to postpone their trip.

How about you?

Are you all set to be on your way to Singapore? Take 3 minutes to read this article for a smooth journey to Singapore.

Expat in Singapore

Expat in Singapore

VISA Application

DO MAKE SURE that you have applied for VISA before making your way here. You can find alot of helpful resources at the Singapore’s Immigration and Checkpoint Authority website. Look for the Visitor section and you can see alot of information about Visa and visit passes.

Employment Passes

Visa pass is usually valid for around two to four weeks. If you need to stay longer for your work commitments, apply for an employment pass. It is a serious offence to remain in Singapore without an appropriate pass.

Real estate in Singapore

I suppose that you have already rented an apartment or likewise for your accomodation in Singapore. Remember to call up the agent that processed the real estate for you to make sure that the apartment is available on the date you reach there. You wouldn’t want to spend money on a hotel for a mistake like that right?

Exchange Currency

Make sure you prepared some Sing dollars before making your way here. Check out the currency rate in the internet before heading down to your local money changer. You wouldn’t want to lose a few bucks just because you did not do your research.

Decide your mode of transport

Decide your mode of transport early. Why? Because if you intend to drive, make sure the car you rented have a GPS in it. I know Singapore is small but you might get lost along the way if it is your first time here.

I hope that this article have waken you up to some things you might have neglected for your trip to Singapore. In fact, always keep these 5 points in mind for any trip to any country.

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